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Sur la page Facebook de Rafa...

25 Novembre 2015, 14:08pm

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Rafa Nadal


Contento de ver como ‪#‎RafaNadalTour‬ llega ya a su tercera edición. A beneficio de mi fundación, el circuito incluirá en 2016 seis etapas, un master y, como novedad, los campeonatos de España Alevín e Infantil. ¡Además de muchos valores!

Happy to see the #RafaNadalTour reach its third edition. In aid of my foundation, the circuit will include six stages in 2016, plus a Masters and – for the first time – the Spanish 12 & Under and 14 & Under Championships. All that plus lots of positive values!


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Sur la page Facebook de Rafa...

25 Novembre 2015, 00:03am

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Rafa Nadal a partagé la photo de Rafa Nadal Academy.
Photo de Rafa Nadal Academy.
Rafa Nadal Academy

At ‪#‎RafaNadalAcademybyMovistar‬ we use video analysis to improve our student’s game http://bit.ly/21eFKKI Check out Rafa Nadal’s results:

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Vidéos - WTF Londres - Interview - Match vs Djokovic

23 Novembre 2015, 21:34pm

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Classements ATP du 23.11.15 - Liens

23 Novembre 2015, 13:58pm

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WTF Londres - Interview transcrit - Match vs Djokovic

22 Novembre 2015, 19:53pm

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November 21, 2015


Rafael Nadal

London, England, United Kingdom


6-3, 6-3

An interview with:


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. From your point of view, what makes Novak so difficult these days? What are the key factors?
RAFAEL NADAL: Everything. Hitting amazing. Well, the return always amazing. This year he serving great, I think. And then he is able to play with no mistakes and changing directions so easy, playing so, so long. He's doing everything good.

He was better than me and he deserved to do what he did during the whole season. He played just fantastic. When somebody's doing like this, just the only thing I can do is congratulate him and just wish not the best of luck for the next year (smiling).

Q. I observed in these last months you changed something about your forehand technique. I think you play more forward, more flat, less spin, you attack more. What is your next step of improvement in your technique?
RAFAEL NADAL: No, my technique, we didn't try to change the technique of nothing. I think the technique was good. Another thing is the position on court. Another thing is the way that I play the points. I think I improved that a lot last couple of months.

My next step is just keep practicing the way that I am doing. I know I need to keep improving things if I want to have chances against Novak next year. That's what I going to try. Just keep working the way that I am doing.

I think I am doing well. Happy about the tournament. Happy about finish the season with that positive energy. Now I have a week off, and that's it.

Q. Today did you think you felt the effects of your match yesterday against David, a long match?
RAFAEL NADAL: No, no, I don't think so.

Q. Is it tough not to feel frustrated in a match like that, or you just don't have time to be frustrated and you have to be concentrating on trying to turn it around?
RAFAEL NADAL: You know, very few moments in my career I get frustrated. When one player is better than you, the only thing you can do is try to find solution. That's what I try during the match. But was not a real solution today.

So just accept that the opponent is better than me today and keep working hard to try to reduce that difference that I believe in the last couple of months, because he cannot improve much, I think I could improve a lot, so I reduce a little bit the distance. Not with Novak, but with the rest of the top guys. I was able to compete with everybody. That's a big improvement for me.

But that's not enough for me. I want to keep going and I want to feel myself better than what I am doing today for next year. I going to work hard to make that happen.

Q. In the off-season do you and the other top guys think about, How can we beat Novak? He's always there at the end of every tournament. In most tournaments you have to beat Novak to win.
RAFAEL NADAL: For the moment, yes. I never practice thinking about others. I practice thinking about what I have to do to be better, then we'll see if I am enough good.

I think about my personal motivation to keep improving the things that we believe we need to improve to be better players, and that's it.

Everyone has a different motivation. I never practice thinking what do I have to do to beat Novak, what do I have to do to beat Roger. My motivation has always been just personal, that I want to improve myself, I want to be better. That's what I going to try to keep doing.

We'll see. 2016 going to be a new year. Hopefully better one for me. We'll see.

Novak for the moment is almost unbeatable. As I say before, the only thing you can do is congratulate him. But things are like this today. You never know what's going on in the future. I have been in very good situations a couple of times, then I get some injuries, things change. Not everything is that easy.

What Novak is doing is just amazing. But is obvious that it's true if somebody can do it, it's him, but it's not easy to stay at that high level four years in a row or five years in a row.

Q. I don't know if you will watch it or not, but next week's Davis Cup Final, what are your thoughts on it? Do you think clay is a good surface for Belgium?
RAFAEL NADAL: I don't know if I going to watch it. I have a charity event for my foundation, and Olazabal won. I probably going to be in the golf course doing the event.

I don't know if clay is a good surface for Belgium or not. I think is the right one, yes. For Belgium is the surface that probably has a better chance because the second player of Great Britain is Bedene or who is playing?

It's true that probably both players play better on hard than in clay. I don't think about Andy because Andy plays very well in every surface. But for the second player, I think for Belgium in his mind is probably try to win both points against the No. 2, then try to win the doubles. If I am Belgium, that's what's going to be in my mind.

Then if I am able to win a match against Andy, fantastic. But that's what I believe they should think, and probably that's why they choose clay.

Q. Back to you trying to beat Novak, but concentrating on your own game. In 2011 you lost seven finals against him. In 2012 and 2013 you were back beating him in majors at that stage. What did you do and are there lessons to learn to come back on how you maybe can beat him next year?
RAFAEL NADAL: You ask me questions about the future. I cannot predict the future. I cannot say what going to happen in a few months, what going to happen in the next year.

The only thing that I can talk is what can happen if I am able to keep improving, no? In 2011, I lost a lot of finals in a row. He was playing fantastic, too. I didn't play against him at the right level to compete against him.

The last two finals that I lost against him before my first victory in Monte-Carlo I think was final of the US Open. That was helping me for the future. And of course to have final in Australia keep helping me for the future, too.

I didn't have that kind of feeling, I was not that close against him yet. Against other rivals I was competing great, and that's it. As I said before the tournament, I was not able to think about Novak for the whole season. I have been playing in another league. Seems like the last month and a half, two months, I was in this league, I am in this top league.

So my motivation and my goal is try to keep being in that top league, that is the top five, top four of the world. That's my goal, and we'll see if I am able to keep doing this.

Q. You've had injuries in your career that have kept you off the tour. You're going to be 30 next year. After playing this season, how do you feel your body is? Are you more or less confident that your body is going to stay strong? Secondly, Novak tied his rivalry with you in his head-to-head. He has a chance to do that if he plays Roger. How important are these head-to-heads among rivals?
RAFAEL NADAL: I think the head-to-head records are a statistic one more. To analyze who is better or worst is a global thing, no? Is just one more statistic.

Well, I think is fair and is great. I don't want to be arrogant, but between two good players, Novak and me, have a very tight head-to-head. I think that's normal. Is completely normal, and that's it.

Q. And your body. How do you feel?
RAFAEL NADAL: Today I'm feeling good. My body is healthy, is strong. I feel good physically. I am able to practice a lot. I am able to compete great in long matches, too.

Today I am not worried about my body. I was much more worried when I started this season than how I am today. I played the full season with not many problems. I finished the season healthy, with good health.

That's so important for me to keep practicing, have confidence in my body, my movements, and another important thing: if you want to improve your game, you need to practice. So for sure one of the reasons of my improvement is because I lost the strange feelings on court that I had during the season. Another reason is because I am able to practice as much as I can every day. That's a big help.

Q. You just said that Novak was almost unbeatable. You played him at his peak. You played Roger at his peak. Is it possible or impossible to compare the two of them when they were at their very best?
RAFAEL NADAL: Yeah, is possible but I don't want to do it (smiling).

Thank you very much. Have a good Christmas and Happy New Year. See you next year.

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports

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WTF Londres - Interview transcrit - Match vs David Ferrer

21 Novembre 2015, 20:56pm

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November 20, 2015


Rafael Nadal

London, England, United Kingdom

R. NADAL/D. Ferrer

6-7, 6-3, 6-4

An interview with:


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. It seems you were not thinking about your semifinal; you were thinking only about today's match because you worked very hard today.
RAFAEL NADAL: That's the thing that I believe, should be like this. By the way, for me is an important victory. Doesn't matter if I was qualified. As I said before, for me the main goal is try to arrive in good shape next year. Today was an opportunity to play against another of the top eight players of the world in a tough surface, good surface for him. I think he likes to play here.

For me was another opportunity to compete. I think I competed well. I won a very tough match. I think a very good match in terms of quality for moments. I am very happy. Three straight wins against top-eight players, that's a great news for me.

Q. Are you concerned you might be a bit tired tomorrow now?
RAFAEL NADAL: Maybe. But I am not worried about it, no. Today was an opportunity, as I say before, to compete well. 200 points are not the same when you are No. 1 and No. 2 than when you are No. 5. Winning today is almost like winning a 250 tournament. Was a lot of points to win today. I fighted to made that happen, no?

That's a positive way to finish the season. Let's see tomorrow what's going to happen. But I am very happy about what I did in the last five weeks of the season. I finish the season the way that I really want to start the next one.

Q. You talk about building form and confidence for 2016. How much of a boost for your preparation for 2016 would it be to beat Novak tomorrow?
RAFAEL NADAL: That's another step. I don't know what's going to happen tomorrow. Tomorrow is a really difficult match against a player who is playing just better, (indiscernible) I believe. I need to play my best to have any chance. That's what I going to try. But the right work is done. Lot of positive things during the last weeks. Very good confirmation this week.

So tomorrow is another opportunity to compete against the best, to see if I am able to compete at a very high level again.

But for me the main thing is keep going the same way, keep practicing the same way, the same things I am doing to try to start next year with that energy that I have today. If I am able to keep playing like this, I think next year can be a positive year for me.

Q. Can you talk about the challenge that Novak presents right now. Do you have to change tactics? You played him a few weeks ago and the score was not so close.
RAFAEL NADAL: No, the score was very easy, 6-2, 6-2. The first set was not that easy in terms of game, without a doubt. The match should be closer. But at the end of the day was 6-2, 6-2. That's it.

Let's see tomorrow if I am able to win more games.

Q. And tactics?
RAFAEL NADAL: The tactic in tennis is small things that you can change. The best tactic possible is play very, very well. That's the easier tactic. Then there is a couple of things that you know you have to do when you play against some players.

Against Novak, I know what I have to do. But be very difficult to make it. Is a big challenge. But I am not worried about it. I am happy about the things, how are going. Tomorrow is another step. Is a motivation for me to play that match, but at the same time I feel that I did what I had to do until today.

I play well, and that's the thing I going to bring back home. I hope tomorrow have a great day and compete well and then we'll see.

Q. A lot of people, top players, say one of the most important things about maintaining the ability to play at the very top is to get sufficient rest, to take weeks off. Roger says his vacations are very important. You're now coming to the off-season just at the time when you're getting your best form back together again. We know you're playing the IPTL. Are you going to keep practicing or take a vacation?
RAFAEL NADAL: I didn't make the right work. I don't deserve vacation this year (smiling). I going to have next couple of days after here. Yes, I have some days off, that week only. Then next Friday, Saturday and Sunday I have the charity event for my foundation. Olazabal won both event in Mallorca for that three days.

I going to practice physical performance. I not going to practice tennis next week, but probably Wednesday, Thursday, Friday I going to be in the gym starting. Then Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday I going to practice a little bit of tennis and physical performance still. Then IPTL.

For me is like being in Mallorca practicing. I going to be practicing a lot every day. It's like preparation for next season. That's it.

I come back to Mallorca. I have 14 to 22 that Joao Sousa is coming to practicing in Mallorca, few more days, then Abu Dhabi.

Q. Is this the best you've felt, full of energy, that you can remember? Sometimes at the end of the year you've arrived here very tired out from a long season. You seem very fresh this year.
RAFAEL NADAL: I am well. When you are coming after a tough period, when you feel you are better, you breathe better. You feel fresh. In terms of motivation for me, is great to see myself competing against the best already and competing well. That's a lot of positive energy for me.

At the same time I am working so hard outside of the competition to compete well on the tournaments. So when that happens, that's give me very good energy for keep going.

Q. Back to Novak again. Do you have to attack more here, go to the net, attack with the forehand, the backhand? Is it all the same?
RAFAEL NADAL: I am playing well. I going to try to keep playing the way I am playing. Then maybe is not enough. But I cannot go crazy. I cannot go on the court and thinking that I have to do something that I cannot do it.

I going to try to play my game. I going to try to play aggressive. I going to try to be strong mentally. I know the surface is better for him than for me obviously. So the things are in his part.

He plays in a very good surface for him. He plays a tournament that he won already couple of times. He come here after having an amazing season. All the positive things are for him.

But for me is a motivation. I know that, and I am here to try my best tomorrow. Then if is not enough what I have today, it's fine. I going to keep working to keep improving the things that I need to do to try to be in better shape next time that I going to compete against him.

Tomorrow is an opportunity for me to play well, to see how far I am, and we'll see.

Q. Talking about rivalries, obviously you've had a few rivalries, with Novak and Roger certainly being out in front. Are you able to explain which one might be more special? Closer with Novak, but with Roger it's been so much longer.
RAFAEL NADAL: You know, I am happy to be part of that great rivalries. Both are I think great for the sport.

Different rivalries. I think against Federer what makes little bit more special for everybody is the combination of styles. That makes the match a little bit more tactic, the match little bit more interesting that one try to do one thing, the other try to do the other thing. Probably that makes our confrontation little bit more special for the people.

But for me, seriously, I feel happy to compete against that players. Both are probably one of the best of the history, the other one he is already one of the best of the history but he going to be better in the next couple years.

I feel happy to be part of that rivalries, and at the same time unlucky to be part of this era combined with them.

Q. Do you have the motivation, extra motivation, because you could create history here? You would have every single title in your grasp if you won this week.
RAFAEL NADAL: My motivation have been always high in every tournament. I don't try harder here than in another tournament because I didn't win, that I try harder in Roland Garros than Doha. Is not true. When I go on court, I try my best every single week. Some weeks the things go well, the other weeks the things go worse.

But for sure I would love to win here in the World Tour Finals. Is true that is always a very, very difficult thing to make that happen. But we'll see. We'll see. I going to keep fighting. Hopefully is not the last chance this year.

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports

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Vidéo - Londres WTF - Interview avant match vs Djokovic

21 Novembre 2015, 20:55pm

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Marca - WTF Londres - Après le match vs Djokovic, Rafa a dit...

21 Novembre 2015, 18:41pm

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El balear acepta el reto de trabajar para acortar las distancias

"Djokovic es mejor que yo"

  • El balear avisa que trabajará pare buscar soluciones a la actual superioridad del número 1 mundial



JOAN SOLSONA. LONDRES 21/11/15 - 18:01.

Nadal saca durante el partido

Nadal saca durante el partido /AFP

Rafael Nadal, después de caer en las semifinales de la Copa Masters con Novak Djokovic, reconoció la superidad del tenista serbio, ahora mismo muy lejos del resto. "Djokovic es mejor que yo y sólo me queda que felicitarle por la temporada que ha hecho. Contra él, tengo que buscar un estilo de juego más favorable a mí. Él tira muy largo aquí bajo techo y yo no podía darle altura a la pelota desde tan adelante", analizaba.

Nadal se deshace en elogios ante un adversario que sólo ha perdido seis partidos en 2015: "Golpea increíble, resta increíble, saca bien, no hace errores, cambia direcciones y juega muy largo. Merece todo lo que está consiguiendo pero no le deseo la mejor de las suertes para el año que viene. Por ahora es casi imbatible pero veremos qué pasa el año que viene".

El balear, después de descansar durante una semana en Manacor, iniciará en la Liga asiática su particular pretemporada enfocada en ser mejor para hacer frente al número 1 del planeta tenis. "Mi siguiente paso es seguir mejorando si quiero tener opciones con Novak el año que viene. Durante la semifinal he buscado soluciones pero el rival ha sido mejor que yo".

Nadal quiere ver el vaso medio lleno y está satisfecho por el salto cualitativo en su tenis mostrado desde Pekín: "He estado jugando otra Liga y desde hace un par de meses estoy en la Liga de los Top, ése es el objetivo".

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WTF Londres - Feuille de match vs Djokovic

21 Novembre 2015, 17:08pm

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Barclays ATP World Tour Finals

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Photos - WTF Londres - Match vs Djokovic

21 Novembre 2015, 15:49pm

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